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Thank you for visiting Luxehouze. Before proceeding with any transactions, whether buying or selling on Luxehouze, kindly read and understand the terms and conditions governing transactions on Luxehouze. By engaging in transactions on our website, it implies that users agree to abide by the applicable terms and conditions. Luxehouze reserves the right to make changes to its terms and conditions at any time, and users are advised to check them periodically.

Use of Luxehouze Website
1. We ensure the security of users' personal data while using Luxehouze.
2. We may limit access to parts or the entirety of the Luxehouze site for users.
3. If users receive a password or other security information from us, they must maintain the confidentiality of that information and not share it with third parties.
4. Users must comply with the terms of site usage while using this platform. Regarding data security, order form completion, and transaction security, users can learn more in our Privacy Policy.

Transactions and Shopping
1. Luxehouze provides services to both sellers and buyers to facilitate transactions. This includes recommending product sale prices to sellers, evaluating products according to Luxehouze's provisions, listing processes, and handling the transaction process from the product to the buyer.
2. Users, both sellers and buyers, are not permitted to conduct transactions outside of Luxehouze services.
3. In relation to transaction terms and conditions, users, both sellers and buyers, are obliged to adhere to the terms and conditions as specified by Luxehouze.
4. Product orders through the Luxehouze site can be made 24/7. Luxehouze Team is available to assist users from Monday to Friday, 11 AM-7 PM and Saturday between 11 AM-5 PM (GMT +7). Orders placed outside of operating hours will be queued and processed on the next business day.
5. Transactions made through the site will be confirmed via email.
6. Product and shipping prices are subject to change in accordance with Luxehouze's policies without prior notice.

1. Luxehouze reserves the right to reject buyer transactions when deemed inappropriate.
2. Buyers can make manual order payments through bank transfers listed on the Check Out page.
3. Luxehouze also accepts cash payments if buyers choose to pick up items directly at the Luxehouze boutique.
4. Other payment methods besides bank transfer may be available by contacting the Luxehouze team.
5. Some payment methods may have additional transaction fees based on the total purchase amount.

1. Product shipping occurs after payment verification. Buyers can check the order status in the Order History page.
2. Buyer orders will be processed on working days according to the existing queue.
3. Buyer orders can be completed within a maximum of 3 working days. If payment is made before 4 or 5 PM, the order will be forwarded to the courier on the same day.
4. Luxehouze is not responsible for delays caused by courier errors or force majeure such as natural disasters, floods, riots, etc.
5. The tracking number will be provided to buyers through the Luxehouze system, either via the Luxehouze website, WhatsApp, or email.
6. Product delivery for Indonesian customers can be arranged using JNE YES or JNE REG courier services. Buyers can also pick up products directly from the Luxehouze boutique.

1. Refunds will be transferred manually to the buyer's account if the transaction is conducted via Bank Transfer.
2. If payment is made by means other than Bank Transfer, refunds will be processed according to agreed terms.

Violations and Termination
1. If there are violations of Luxehouze's terms and conditions, Luxehouze reserves the right to suspend or permanently delete the user account.
2. Users who violate these terms are not entitled to object in any form.

Dispute Resolution
1. Users agree that any disputes will be resolved through mutual consultation within a period of 30 (thirty) Working Days.

[Only for Indonesia]
1. If the dispute cannot be resolved within the aforementioned period, Luxehouze and the user agree to settle the dispute through arbitration.
2. BANI's decision is final and binding.

Users cannot transfer the rights or obligations specified in Luxehouze's terms and conditions without written consent from Luxehouze.

[Indonesia] For questions regarding Luxehouze's Terms and Conditions, please contact +62 812-7565-6510 or info@luxehouze.com.
[Singapore] For any questions regarding Luxehouze's Terms and Conditions, please contact +6590148008 or info@luxehouze.com.

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